Snapshot Renni F'Kel

Birthplace : Thessia Age: 125


Renni is a pure-blood Asari, she grew up wanting to become a Justicar, as most  Asari did growing up, though her plans didn't exactly pan out as such. Having fallen short, after only a year of training, unable to sum up the willpower to forsake things such as family and possessions. She also lacked abilities needed, just barely scrapping her self from death's grasp during training, giving her reason to quit while she was ahead.

After failing at that she would quickly take up a job, playing security at a science station orbiting from a safe distance, a binary star system. It was being studied because one of the stars had collapsed in on it self, becoming a black hole. It wasn't much, but enough to get her a council/citadel military recommendation, or so she thought, instead she found her self working in C-Sec.

Renni craves excitement and fun, usually quite the giddy, upbeat type, unless on duty while nothing involving gunfire is happening.

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