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Ah, what to say? Well, first of all... Richard isn't much of a fighter. It's true! Out in the colonies, he'd be screwed rather magnificently. But in the citadel? Who knows....? Sent to the Citadel as a part of an Alliance psi-ops officer's attempt at some cheap publicity, Richard is a member of a diplomatic exchange 'apprentice' program; an attempt to demonstrate the sophisticated methods that humans have utilized within their society for centuries to further demonstrate the Human's generous nature and trustworthiness. In the end; it's ultimately pointless, but a nice career boost for the daft cow that came up with it. Of course, things are never that simple. The aforementioned daft cow didn't correctly vet the applicants, leaving huge security holes in her recruitment pool which means: You guessed it! Over two thirds of the humans involved with the program are young Cerberus prospects, eager to prove their worth to the organization by infiltrating and corrupting the citadel's offices in one way or another. Richard is one of these would-be spies. As for Richard, he's a fairly relaxed youngster. Born and raised quite comfortably back on Earth, he walks the line between privileged and spoiled, somehow managing to maintain a generally cheerful attitude. Born to a large 'n' proud military family based on the British Isles, his preference for the academic side of life has alienated him from his siblings and peers to the point where he honestly believes that his assignment within Cerberus is the only way he can prove his worth and redeem himself in his family's eyes... The sad part is he has no idea if even a single member of his family actually supports Cerberus. Selected for the programme in part due to his relaxed response to some rather graphic stimulus involving the Turians during his selection interview, he believes that he can fool anyone with his cheerful act. Of course as a member of Cerberus, working amongst and for alien races within the citadel while acting the happy idiot may prove to be quite tricky for him.