Snapshot 2157 Rise of Humanity, Toria (177, 134, 86)

Name : Ronan Birth Place : Colony Age :  26      


He was born in the colonies, and grew up there. He was one of the colonist that disappeared during the attacks, and at this time he was grown and a young man. But he was taken to a facility that housed military fighters, where he gained training and experience. He soon joined a squad that help defend humanity from the collectors. He is out going, ambitious and not afraid to join the fight. During the attack my brothers and I where separated having feared they were lost  to me I never thought I would see them again. Now given orders to the space station I was reunited with them, after thinking all these years they were dead. I  see fate and destiny  as all my brothers and I now serve the same cause and ready to take the fight to them..

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