Rosie Headshot


Birthplace : Earth,  Age: 23


Rosie was born in the Hebrides of Scotland into a family of sailors and fishmongers.  While saltwater and smelly fish didn't necessarily call out to her, her ambitions never left the atmosphere, and after leaving school on the mainland, she returned home to be content with a simple pastoral life tending bar at the local pub.

Everyone in that part of the world likes to collect old trinkets and trace a line of history back to their violent forefathers, but Rosie grew up in a family with no interest or background in the military whatsoever.  In fact, her father actively scoffed at those neighbors who left for the Systems Alliance, because who honestly did they expect to defend us from?  Obviously, that changed during the First Contact War, and along with virtually everyone else her age, Rosie signed up at the nearest recruiter, and was neck-deep in boot before she could regret it.

Lucky for her and her family, the brief war ended before she could be assigned to the infantry, so along with the rest of her class, she opted for extended training, particularly in explosive ordnance disposal.  She enjoys shooting, and was a competent marksman in boot.  Now she's been freshly reassigned to the Citadel, where she joins her first front-line unit as an FNG.  This is her first extended deployment in space or on the Citadel, and she arrives wide-eyed and excited to see what the wider galaxy has in store for her!

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