Birthplace - Space Age: 11


Salai was born on the homeworld of Sur'Kesh to a young, financially well-off clan, one whom usually prefers keeping to their own sphere of expertise for now.  He lived a typical comfortable life, with all the typical Salarian academic encouragements, during which his family was delighted to discover he was gifted with a Mathematical genius, even for a Salarian.  Although he grew up a soft-spoken and socially-awkward as one would expect, he surprised all with a sudden change as maturity set in:  A bit of a rebellious streak, partaking in Salarian culture's misfit cyberpunk culture.. Socializing, partying the hours away at seedy clubs, mischief in the ExtraNet involving him in low-level information trade, and uncomfortably close associations with retired Eclipse Salarian mercenaries.. some of which who've offered to share their experiences and training-- "Maintaining his physical fitness," as Salai justifies to concerned relatives as he comes home with the occasional bruise or ten.. Though it has given him an impressive physical prowess, and as of yet untested set of military and combat skill.. Its obvious what plans he does have for his future.

Concerns of his associations are blunted with legitimate success:  Visits to Mathematical and Scientific sites still exceed his time spent holo-gaming, early graduation in the discipline in Mathematics, legitimate freelance work, stopping short of obsessive theoretical research.. He makes credits to live and support his youthful desire for a few luxuries and the latest in bleeding-edge gadgetry.  Salai has always shown quite a bit of wanderlust, and answering the Sur'Keshian government's encouragements to explore off-world living, and with nothing more than essentials, he takes on off-world living to expand his horizons, meet the various alien species he's only read and heard about, and put himself to the true test as he makes his way to the Citadel ...

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