Sera'Vikah Mugshot

Age: 23

Sex: Female [Zarko'Vikah vas Kota (Father, deceased age 54)]

[Merrel'Vikah vas Kota (Mother, age 56)] [Tahki'Vikah nar Kota (Brother, deceased age 13)] [Derro'Vikah vas Qwib Qwib (Brother, deceased age 26)]


Sera'Vikah nar Kota is on a pretty typical Quarian pilgrimage, one that she has been putting off for a long time. What is far from typical is the circumstance she finds herself in; alone. This is her first time venturing outside the Migrant Fleet (apart from the journey itself), and suddenly she finds herself completely out of her depth, inundated by other species, strange new peoples and customs. To make matters worse, and somewhat more tragic, her family were recently killed in a skirmish with a Geth cruiser, as the Quarian Admiralty periodically grow restless and enjoy rattling the sabre with the Geth. She has not processed her grief so far, and is still reeling from the loss of everyone in her immediate family. Only time will tell if she will survive or be simply another galactic statistic...

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