Snapshot 2157 Rise of Humanity, Toria (173, 111, 118) - Adul

Birthplace : Thessia  Age: 500  


Serena Valyris wanted to explore the galaxy ever since she was young, so she has spent most of her life in the Asari Military. She enjoyed being apart of small units that undertook special operations missions. Serena specifically wanted to become a commando, so she trained seeking the ultimate economy of thought and movement. Although she is in her Matron stage, Serena feels compelled to remain in the military rather than settle down in a home. Some of her missions require her to gather intel, assassinations etc. Serena studied the art of battle and eventually joined the Asari Commandos. Her unit, the Siamese Moons Unit is lead by Rina Si'lak, where they carry out small operations for the council. 

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