Serest Kayno

Birthplace : Space, on board a colony vessel  Age: 20


Serest Kayno was born into a family that served the Alliance Military. Her mother and father both dedicated their lives for their cause. Shiva mostly stayed with her aunt and uncle on alliance colonial ships. At this time the contact was had taken the lives of her parents.Her childhood was mostly spend aboard these vessels by her aunt and uncle. Her uncle served the alliance as one of the vessels many mechanics, her aunt served as one of the navigators. During her duration with her new guardians they taught her various things which include basic engineering, and navigating a small vessel. Of course this took years to learn, but with practice and patients it was a skills that would help her in the future. 

Serest didn't think much about her parents deaths over the years as she didn't feel close to them. They were always off fighting some war and were never home. Her aunt and uncle felt like her birth parents since the day she could remember. Her childhood was an enclosed and sheltered one. With her training and life skills to be learned from her guardians. 

A few years passed as the vessel came close to the Citadel. She was at the age of eighteen at the time. Serest wanted to the see the galaxy for what it was. She wanted to explore. She talked her aunts and uncle into letting her go to the citadel to start her wn life after talking to them several times and pushing the subject.  With the bit of credits she earned herself, and some that her guardians gave her she took a shuttle and started a new chapter in her life.