Snapshot 2157 Rise of Humanity, Toria (176, 120, 86) - Adult

Birthplace : Tuchanka Age: 153


Sleg was born on Tuchanka to a small, small clan that had no bearing on the rest of the world. He was born with a gift unknown to many Krogan, however; and that gift was patience. And man, does he have a lot of it. He is able to actually handle a diplomatic situation as well as fight, as shown by his rite of passage to battle two members of the clan in melee combat for five minutes. Being a patient Krogan, he eventually was sent as a diplomat to another clan to trade resources, but when he returned, he found his home clan slain, all thanks to the deadly wildlife of Tuchanka. Now, clanless, he roams the Galaxy in search of some sort of purpose in his life, armed with the weapons given to him upon his initiation and his wits. He is Sleg.

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