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Birthplace :Earth  Age: 28


Syrin was part of alliance military for several years, obtaining the rank of Master Sergeant, before a botched op due to faulty intel lead to her squad being devestated in a geth ambush. She left the Alliance when she found out that they were claiming it was faulty intel, but knew full too well that her squad were no match for the geth in the sector, but decided to chance it for a chance at finding out the Geth's strengths in the sector. She was recommended by a friend of hers to look into joining Cerberus where she awaits a response following applying for service with them after finding out further that the intel was sent to alliance via quarians, who used the mission's chaos as a diversion to steal geth tech from the nearby moon, and wants nothing more than to make them pay for her squad being destroyed and the loss of her squadmates and close friends.

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