Tae Aichi

Birthplace: Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, Earth

Age: 24

Hair: Brown/black

Eyes: heterochromatic blue  


Tae is earthborn from the rebuilt Sendai. Still not recovered from the Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 due to the large quake having detsabilized the tectonics in teh region, earthquakesbecame a constant concern.  Due to this most peoplein Sendai would work on the stabilizers at one point, very few would ever find that task enjoyable. She grew up working with the continued relief effort trying to make the once proud city stand on its own again. her education form a young age primarilya technical background, her childhood stories technical manualsand survival guides just trying to work to keep the region safe. What everyone tried to do.  Due to thisupbringing and the farly hard life she grew up with the idea that the mind and body must  be equally strong so that every days challenges must be met with a sharpmind and strong back.   In what off time she had growing up that was indeed her own time, she participated in running events at school and trained in aikido.

Then she heard about the Alliance. 

While a little on the young side enlisted in the Alliance Millitary just before the first contact war after completing two years of college.  Having studied photography for two years she felt that making it on her own with further tuition assistance would work, however Shanxi changed all of that. while serving on the SSV Einstein as a Hydraulic mechanic.  Following her first combat deployment Miss Aichi gained real experience in her field.  Working on the flight deck of the carrier gave the woman a good taste of real experience and cauused her to look at fighting for her home in a new light.  A specialist in hydraulic systems primarily, Tae is adept to some degree in the maintenance of all related systems of small craft.

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