Birthplace: Thessia Age: 187  


The young and headstrong Talux Namark was born on Thessia. Logs of her years show that she was highly aggressive often at the root of trouble started at the several academies she attended. Talux contributes this to her Krogan 'father' whom she admires. Soon though Talux found balance in conflicts signing up with various mercenary group. Where others of her age backed out early, Talux excelled. Because of her age Talux is a bit inexperienced in comparison to the much older Asari around her. What lacks in experience is made up for in determination to get the job done albeit recklessly at times. She has an affinity for clubs and socializing but strangely at times can be a complete loner while drinking. Her skills include Biotics, martial arts, light firearm usage and a decent information gatherer. Recently she joined up with Asari Military under the direction of the Asari Commando leader name Rina

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