In the years prior to the First Contact War, Janus Imports and Exports a small but prosperous company  was among the many that fed the needs of the Citadel.

The company sought expansion into the larger galactic market and the surge of military development allowed it the chance to do just that. If the owners gambled one large shipment of medigel to the Turian hierarchy, it would be enough to provide them with significant investment capital and a lucrative new military contract. To acquire the medigel needed, the company turned to an unknown but apparently well connected figure, Xan Chlamys  who offered the needed material at a price that was too good to be true, which it was. He agreed to give them the shipment on consignment, they would handle brokering the deal and providing the transit and he would take a percentage of the final number. When the shipment vanished, Xan came looking for payment. On paper, he appeared innocent and there was nothing that could tie him to the disappearance, but it was

Obvious to everyone that the dice had been loaded from the start. In a few short months, Xan had control of all of Janus' ships, clearances, and most importantly, it's warehouses and berths in the depths of the Citadel. From a relatively unknown player in the galactic backwater to a "respectable" businessman - Xan Chlamys had finally made his appearance in the CItadel. But, ever the social climber, Xan wanted more. The newly-renamed Janus Corporation would help him get it.

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