Tiberius Ludicus was the name of a C-Sec Advisor, born in 2132 CE. He is a Veteran of the Relay 314 Incident. 

He has served loyally in C-Sec for many years, specifcally for a four years as a Sergeant to Commander Ederon Faroth.



Tiberius Ludicus was born into a Military Family on Palaven, during 2132 CE. Tiberius had One Brother, One Sister, a Father and a Mother. He was the oldest of the three siblings, which made his Parents have an expectation of perfection from him, even at a young age.

Tiberius attended a short time at School, as most Turians did. He studied all aspects of General Education. However, Tiberius was a "grunt" at heart. He excelled at Sport, he loved being the Team Leader.

Teen YearsEdit

Tiberius signed up to Bootcamp when he turned fifteen. He began his long journey through the Military, with an enormous expectation from his Parents to excel in every field. It was at this time that Tiberius began to consider his field, having a dream to join the Engineering Corps.

He studied and trained hard during Bootcamp. He used his personality to better himself, he used his Parents expectations to make him work harder. His Brother and Sister gave him spirit too, to show off and make a good example. 

He graduated from Bootcamp at the age of 18. His examiners were impressed with Tiberius's overall performance and left him incharge of a squad.


Tiberius was left in-charge of a Squad leading up to the 314 Incident. He spent those seven years earning the right to command and lead. When the 314 Relay Incident happened, his life changed significantly. The Incident shaped him into what he is now, he lost friends and comrades during the bloody battles he participated in.

It was during one of his several missions he was commanding, that he was given incorrect informations on the situation. He panicked, not knowing what to do in the situation and ended up ordering his men to open fire when they were not meant to. That action got him discharged from his current position and relocated to the Citadel.

Citadel Security ServicesEdit

Tiberius began his career in C-Sec shortly after the 314 Incident. He quickly became friends with a Salarian, named Edereon Faroth. Faroth and Tiberius served as partners for a while, before Tiberius was promoted to Sergeant and Faroth took up a Commander promotion.

Tiberius served under Faroth for four years, before Edereon Faroth left C-Sec due to a Spectre Induction. Tiberius was then signed on as a C-Sec Advisor, as he wished to slow down his life for awhile.