Dalyth Pirandello;RISE; Tylirial Herthiax

Birthplace: Altakiril Age:    28


Born to a near permanent winter has given Tylirial a rather cold, withdrawn and distant demeanour (By Turian standards.)

Although lacking socially her wok ethic has picked up since she took to heart the idea that cold does not mean oppourtunities wait while you chat by a  heater.

This has lead her to advance in a merchant shipping company to minor executive.

Thankless toil shuffling shipping manifests and juggling orders but it at least provides travel if one doesn't mind riding on a freighter instead of  passenger liner.

The only real break in her routine happened while riding along with a shipment of Palladium. Mercenaries decided to try and sieze it leading to a lucky escape. Paid for with a new awareness and some damaged plates which are hidden under her hood.

Since then she has started carrying a pistol, not wanting to be unarmed but unwilling to jeapordise her corporate images with anything larger.

Her current company objective is to try and broker import of goods to the citadel mostly foodstuffs, minerals and consumables while trying to export unwanted waste in order to stop craft leaving empty even if it's just dumping it where it can't float by the windows.

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