Tyrn MacLaren

Birthplace: Edinburgh | Scotland [Earth]

Age: 28 (Born 21st December 2137)

Affiliation: Systems Allliance Navy

Service Chief | Whiskey 3 Company Marines 

22nd Scout Flotilla | Third Fleet


Born to a Military father and a stay at home mother on Earth, Tyrn was raised mostly by his mother, however his father's military ways did not spare Tyrn while his father was home. Tyrn could always remember his father walking down the path to their home when he returned from a deployment, in that symbolic blue uniform, with 3 gold stripes on each shoulder, shining in the light. 

Tyrn enlisted the Alliance Navy when he was 18 and went in for officer training, thanks to strings that were pulled by his father. During his officer cadidate training, he was taunted by other candidates and instructors alike about the manner of which Tyrn managed to enter. Eventually he swallowed his pride and requested that he transferred out of fleet officer training to the Alliance Navy Marines as an NCO.

At the age of 20, year 2157, Tyrn's father was killed during the Turian Occupation of Shanxi. Tyrn was also stationed on Shanxi at the time,, and the squad he was billeted with engaged in a retaliatory attack which led to 75% of the squad losing their lives, resulting in the surrender of the remainder. Many of his brothers in arms lost their lives where he did not, and to a degree he still feels guilty for that. In 8 years between then and now, he has been stationed on Elysium, and Arcturus Station. 

Tyrn has recently been assigned to Whiskey 3 Company, the Marine Division of the 22nd Scout Flotilla - Third Fleet

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