Birthplace of your character:   Tuchanka Age: 23


Born on Tuchanka, this male Krogan has shown more prowess during trade talks between clans when discussing the trade of women, land and other various things in order to settle disputes between warring clans on Tuchanka.  Although he is perfectly-capable on the battlefield (as all Krogan have to be, in order to survive the deathly wilderness of Tuchanka), him and the rest of his clanmates know that his best proficiencies lie within diplomacy and bartering.  His "Enhanced Social Reminiscence" as he likes to refer to it, is an adaptation to the standard Krogan lifestyle.  Most chuckle and roll their eyes at the mention of his name, as such social/intellectual prowess is seen as lesser-important than pure physical power, few defy him as openly to his face, as they fear retribution at the dealing table, when trade needs to happen, or supplies need moving.  He hopes to someday be able to better represent his people as a member of the Citadel, and to hopefully usher in the motion to have the genophage cured.

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