Name: Vaal Regalus Birthplace of your character: Palaven Age: 16


Vaal is shy, and was raised by an over-achieving father (aren't they all in the Turian race?). Once he started showing signs of natural biotic abilities, his father had him sent away to a brain camp after telling them he had shown no sign of biotics and was "expecting results." Due to the conditioning of brain camp, he usually can't control his biotic powers and chooses to use weapons instead. His weapon of choice is a bow and arrow set, as he finds guns far too noisy for most situations, but he does keep a pistol and sniper rifle on him just in case the need arises.

His opinion of humans is positive. The first human he ever met was a little girl, around the age of six. His platoon had been assigned a mission to deal with a group of Vorcha terrorizing a colony. While on duty, he ducked into a seemingly empty storage unit, and found the little girl hiding there with her doll. Despite never seeing a Turian before, she looked up at him and smiled, asking if he wanted to be her friend. He smiled and agreed to the new-found friendship, offering her his hand and picking her up to get her safely home. As they left cover, a hail of gunfire came down on them. Before he had a chance to shield them, the little girl took multiple shots and died instantly, falling limp in his arms. After picking off his attackers, he rushed back to the colonists, still clutching onto the girl's body for dear life. He was so devastated that he wept with her family, and even helped bury her. From that day on, he swore than he would always put the life of an child in danger before his own, even if it meant losing his life.

Despite how so many humans seem to act to the rest of Council citizens, Vaal believes that everyone has the potential to be kind to one another. He also believes that people are taught to be off-putting to one another as a defense mechanism, and makes a point to be nice unless the person has shown a reason to be treated otherwise.

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