Vaani'ah Vas Zela
Actuall Name: Vaani'ah Nar Oelai (Vaani'ah Vas Zela when she completes her pilgrimage)

Birthplace of your character: Migrant Fleet  Age: 21 Cycles 


Born on the ship Oelai, Vaani Is currently on her pilgrimage.She has been a gifted Pilot for a long time, but now needs to be given adulthood, so has come to the Citadel, believing it to be a good place for a pilot to seek work. Although, she has quickly realized that a Quarian is an unusual sight and that is where I come in.

Since deciding to go to the Citadel, she ended up struggling to support herself due to most people mistrusting Quarians. However, A chance meeting with a Turian ended up with her joining a team for the Armax Arena. And due to a coincidental win with her team, she has currently found that it is to her liking.

Skills Edit

Many years spent learning to be a pilot while young.

Quarians natural skill at Mechanics.

Running Away.