Snapshot 2157 Rise of Humanity, Toria (167, 98, 86) - Adult

Birthplace : the Migrant Fleet  Age: Just younger than middle Aged and out of her "teenage" years after her pilgramage


Vallia Vas Ephinea is very much a Quarian, having spent her younger years growing up and learning about technology, her ancestors war with the Geth and the loss of the home world, however with her Pilgrimage came a wanderlust all of its own, her Pilgrimage though short lived was a success all of its own when she returned to the migrant fleet with a run down but salvageable shuttle, nothing amazing but it was ample size to be salvaged for electronics, wires and more importantly space.

Since her time on her pilgrimage though she found that she simply couldn't sit still, booking passage from the fleet she made her way from system to system as a roving tech expert, patching up ships, fixing machinery and buying her way where possible.

eventually she managed to buy he own small ship with its own mass drive, and lives her life as a roaming salvager, finding tech, sending it back to the fleet and ever looking for bigger and greater things

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