Birthplace of your character : Earth.

Age: 21 


Viktor, originating from the balkans was formally a soldier involved in the First Contact War. Enlisted at the age of 18, he started off a soldier before becoming a designated sniper from his marksmanship with a rifle. However the events of the war took it's toll on the boys mind during the siege of Shanxi in which after the human forces had been mostly defeat, including his entire unit, he was stranded to fend for himself amidst an alien ruled occupation. He was captured once, but managed to break out leaving him with a scar reaching from the corner of his lips to his cheek, and only a sidearm at his disposal. During this time, he had gained another scar opposite of the other, apparently self inflicted to 'match' the other. 

Shortly after the relief of the second fleet, Viktor had been continued fighting in the war, his previous actions involving him in special combat units which also earned him the moniker 'Bloody Viktor' from his newly picked up warped personality and brutal treatment of his alien opponents. And his penchant for always aiming for the head, dead center of either eye socket. He deemed this was the most gruesome headshot a sniper could display, treating it like a piece of artwork..

When the war ended, Viktor was out of the job. And the resulting 'peace' with the aliens did not do much for him, in the terms of scuffles and confrontations with other alien species amidst an atmosphere predominantly ruled by aliens. To him, it just felt like Shanxi all over again. 

 Other monikers of his included Tanze mit Krahen, German for 'Dances with Crows' for his symbolism of death, a lone man among a field of crows perched on the dead. Part of a folk story.

And the nickname Vector (Vektor) which is a play on his name, Viktor. 

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