Birthplace : Palavan Age:          42  


Villius went crazy during his time in the military. Too much time behind enemy lines, too much time on his own, somewhere along the line he went from being eccentric to outright lunatic. While incredibly resourceful and skilled in commando operations, he was too far from the acceptable norm of Turian society that he was declared unfit for duty, cut loose, and dumped out into the world. Which actually worked quite well for him. He now sees himself as something of a ronin, a hired gun driven by the will of the Spirits, who moved about the cosmos as an agent of a higher power. He sometimes makes sense, quite often not about this. And he waxes lyrical about it often.

Most people will not expect this vagrant looking Turian, in a dirty leather duster that may have been stolen from a Krogan, to be anything more than a lunatic. However, he's brilliant, in his own strange but heroic way..

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