Headshot (Syr Villota)

Birthplace : Taetrus Age: 37


Like many Turians, humans' first impression of Vivix upon first meeting is that she's a cantankerous old coot.  She can often be found in a quiet corner of Purgatory or sitting on a bench on the Presidium, people-watching or just staring off into the middle-distance, almost completely unnoticed by most.  C-Sec, the Alliance and seedier elements of the Wards have found her to be very perceptive about what she sees, and she can occasionally be a useful resource into the local goings on.

In actual fact, Vivix is a recent retiree from the Turian military, following her deployment to Shanxi during the occupation.  There she served as a scout during the initial invasion, and later operated in counter-insurgency forces.  Following the Council's intervention that resolved the Relay 314 incident, she retired from active military service at the enlisted rank of E5.  And beneath her rumpled hood and craggy mandibles still beats the heart of a proud crabcat.

Her view of humans following the brief war is pragmatic: They were an adversary that fought decently enough, and despite reputed atrocities committed by both sides, she does not hold grudges.  If asked, she will describe them as "children of the galaxy," that require guidance and protection by the Council races, usually from themselves (ie Cerberus).  She shares this view frequently with her human acquaintances, particularly when in her cups

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