Dr William Hemata

Birthplace: Earth Age:31


Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Earth, William was raised by his wealthy parents with the intention of greatness. Throughout his life he was constantly in various private schools up from mere elementary grades all the way into highschool which worked on an early college program. His capacity for learning turned out to be excellent to say the least. He absorbed information like a sponge and sometimes had the awkwardness of being unable to help himself in spilling said information out whenever the topic arose. He simply enjoyed being the "smart guy."

Even as a teenager he possessed a maturity-level far surpassing that of his peers, which both made him an interesting anomaly and social pariah. He didn't do any kinds of drugs, not even to try them, to him he was above such petty pleasures and enjoyed his state of mind. Alcohol was a treat to be enjoyed and never over-used lest its meaning be ruined, piercings too odd and tattoos too permanent. His mind had always been a hyperactive think-engine that produced thought, theory and ideas at a rate that some of his instructors were unable to keep up with. He saw through biases and picked apart arguments like some form of modern Socrates.

Of all subjects, biology and anatomy interested him the most. He enjoyed figuring out how species ticked, and it soon became his career. His worked revolved around genetic modification, changes, his mind occasionally theorizing into bio-weapons but the restrictions his work put on him prevented him from ever experimenting with such ideas.

When the First Contact War came about William grew fascinated at the sight of the Turian species. It was something new, something previously yet to be explored. With the war's ending and Cerberus' creation, Will was one individual offered with a spot amongst its science teams in order to better the hold of humanity in the galaxy. To Will, he did not truly dislike the alien races, but the offer Cerberus had allowed him almost a free-roam in his study, a biological playground with little red tape to it. He has since taken well to his new spot and remains an inconspicous scientist who's true loyalties lay hidden from the masses.

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