Willow RoH


Name:   Willow Cooke Birthplace of your character:  Earth, NYC Age:    25


Willow was born in New York City, in one of the slummiest parts of town. Her father had left her mother shortly after Willow was born. In an effort to help her mother afford the things they needed, Willow began to live a life of petty crime at an early age. She finally was caught by the police and was threatened to be forced into the military, when a man she only ever knew as Father Morris came forward and paid off the police. His one stipulation was that she were to come and work for him. She lived and worked with Father Morris and his other young assistants for seven years, mostly doing small heist jobs here and there. Eventually he introduced her to a man she later learned was the Illusive Man, and would be her new employer. This is where her story in 2157 RoH begins...

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