Xia Quihoxil Portrait

Birthplace: Colony Age: 31   


Xia Quihoxil was born Xia Mirabeau on Mars to parents working at the south polar region's archaeological dig site.  She grew up a proud pioneering citizen of Mars, born of the rugged and determined spirit to make this inhospitable world her home.  As with many youth across the planet, Xia was well schooled in survival among the Red Planet's many environmental hazards.  She, like many colonists, grew up and joined the Provisional Mars Government's Naval Forces to suppress local piracy and further explore the system.  It is during this time she met with and had a dazzling romance with a fellow Provisional Marsie, Marisol Quihoxil.  The two quickly fell in love and wed, and after the discovery of Mass Relays, the formation of the Systems Alliance and the shock of the First Contact War, they both joined the fledgling Systems Alliance military.

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