Lt. Z. Hendrassen Alliance Intel

Birthplace : Earth - NYC.

Age:     27  


1st Lt.  Zelda Hendrassen  was born and raised on earth.  Her dad,  MGySgt J. Hendrassen was  a First Contact vetern turned miltiary historian  and her mom, Hazel,  was a homemaker.   When  Zee was a tween her dad's fascination with alien culture was realized when he was invited  a Turian Colony to study their military tactics and traditions. Growing up around mostly Turians Zee ended up adopting an appreciation for alien cultures and love for miltiary life style.  After graduating the military academy and joining the Alliance  Zee  was accepted into intelligence where she focus don sabotage and infiltration.

Since then,  Zelda has been  sent on covert missions for the  Alliance.  Most of these involved  placing  spy equipment  against enemies,  hacking enemy systems , one mission she even had to pose as a slave  to get inside a slaver convoy to radio back to the Alliance where their base was.  This being the first and only  mission so far she received a commendation for. 

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